Do Dental Clinics Need a Business Permit?

Learn about licensing requirements for dental clinics and whether they need a business permit. Find out why medical and dental clinics are exempt from paying for mayor's permission.

Do Dental Clinics Need a Business Permit?

Dentists must obtain a dental license from the appropriate state agency in order to practice. In addition, certain state permits and licenses may be necessary to operate a dental office. To learn more about licensing requirements in your state, visit the SBA State Licensing and Permitting Reference. A dental office requires a minimum “basic staff” to cover essential services, such as billing and human resources to manage finances and staff.

For more information on starting a business, check out the TruiC YouTube channel or subscribe to watch them later. It is strange that many law offices continue to pay for business permits, even though they are not required for medical and dental clinics. Dentists provide basic preventive dental services to their local community. However, local governments may require a business permit if clinics have established stores for the purpose of generating revenue from the sale of products.

In response to this, the Department of the Interior and Local Governments (DILG) issued a circular stating that doctors and dentists are exempt from being subject to any other national or local tax, license or fee, including mayor's permission or business permit, provided that professionals pay the occupational tax corresponding to the province or city where they practice their profession. This exemption was also supported by a trial court decision that stated that an optometric clinic should be exempt from paying a commercial or mayor's permit because it is an indispensable part or ingredient of an optometrist's profession. At the start of the application and renewal period for next year's business licenses, DILG reminded local officials that medical and dental clinics are exempt from the requirement to obtain a mayor's permit or business permit. This exemption is established under Section 139 (b) of Republic Act No.

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