What Does a Dental Clinic Mean?

Learn what a dental clinic is and why it's important to visit one from an expert's perspective. Find out what services they provide and why some people prefer to go to a dentist's office.

What Does a Dental Clinic Mean?

Dental clinics are places where dentists provide treatments and procedures to patients. They can be found in hospitals, schools, government offices, and other health-related facilities. Generally, a dental clinic is a single room that houses all the necessary equipment and tools. Free or low-cost treatments are often available, but not always.

Technically, any place where dental services are provided can be considered a dental clinic. However, most of the time, this term is associated with graduate or undergraduate university programs. Private practices are usually owned by a dentist or a partner medical institution. The practice of dentistry involves diagnosing, treating, operating, or prescribing any disease, pain, injury, deformity, or physical condition of the oral and maxillofacial area related to the restoration and maintenance of dental health. It includes several components and addresses not only dental services and treatments but also administrative and financial concerns.

The practice of dentistry may include performing physical evaluations in conjunction with the provision of dental treatment. The removal of old fillings can cause exposures in dental clinics. The practice of dentistry also includes prescribing and manufacturing dental prostheses and appliances. Clinical success is determined by an asymptomatic tooth without fistulation, swelling, mobility, or acute gingival inflammation. Extended hours at dental clinics have reduced instances of disruptive behavior as parents are less likely to bring their children when caregivers are more available at night. Remote sites such as gastroenterology rooms, cardiology centers, plastic surgery centers, radiology rooms, psychiatric therapy (electroconvulsive shock treatment), oncology areas and other sites within the hospital as well as independent centers may also be included in the practice of dentistry. Your child's doctor will discuss specific instructions and consents if you need to sedate your child for dental treatment.

While there are many positive reasons to visit a dental clinic, some people prefer to go to a dentist's office.