Is Dental Clinic a Service Business?

This article explores whether or not a dental clinic is considered a service business. It looks at factors such as cost barriers to seeking out dental services, decision making processes when selecting between different clinics, and how different states have differ

Is Dental Clinic a Service Business?

As a health service, dentistry provides quality care for the patient, following the standards of care established by government agencies and the profession itself. The dimensions of patient-centered care include not only clinical efficacy and patient safety, but also the preferences of consumers of health services. A total of 249 participants were included in a study, with a balanced proportional representation of the population by age, gender, ethnicity and geographical region of New Zealand. An online questionnaire was used to identify the participants' decision-making process and what factors and barriers to participants seeking dental treatment. Cross-tabulations, Spearman correlation analysis, and Pearson chi-square analysis were used for statistical analysis.

The three most common reasons for visiting a dental clinic were checkup (77%), cleanliness (57%) and pain relief (36%). The desire to treat a perceived problem was the most common encouraging factor in seeking dental care. Cost was the most common barrier to seeking dental services. Most participants attended a private consultation (84%), with the convenience of placement and referral of professionals most likely to influence their choice. Participants felt that the most important trait a dentist could demonstrate was to talk with them about treatment options before any treatment.

Dental checkup, teeth cleaning, and pain relief were the most common reasons patients chose dental services. The cost and ethnicity of consumers had a significant impact on how dental services were perceived and sought. Dentists may need to reorient the way they express the value of oral health practice, not only in terms of communicating with patients, but also with government funding agencies. Remember, a small mistake in this critical business can significantly compromise the overall quality of your dental care services. Following previous research findings, participants were asked to indicate the level at which pre- and post-service evaluation factors influenced dental service decision-making. First Citizens Bank and its affiliates are not responsible for the products, services and content of any third party website. The participation of Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) in dental practice and the services provided by them will vary depending on the parties' objectives, as well as the applicable state regulations governing these types of agreements and the corporate practice of dentistry.

On the subject of the impact of dental insurance on service decision-making, there is limited understanding in existing theory of what could prevent a consumer from seeking dental care (beyond not having health insurance). Charges are generally fixed or fixed for services provided and may include dental hardware for services such as braces, fillings and caps, crowns and bridges. We must not allow it to happen, because society will ultimately suffer if the dental profession degrades. Different states may have very different laws regarding employee employment, clinical practice decisions, insurance requirements, payment environments, and a host of other topics. Evaluating the quality of a dental service before undergoing treatment is complex, requiring consumers to identify a set of key service quality indicators that they believe are inherent in dental practice.

When selecting between dental service alternatives, clinical factors such as available treatment options or access to technology are said to be of concern to many consumers, and the wide range of services offered by individual offices is used as a proxy evaluation criterion for this prior to experience. In a largely private dental system such as New Zealand where dental insurance is minimal, one might assume that these results apply with some caution. And some dental offices now offer the best permanent makeup tattoo cosmetic makeover service. Where Maori and Pacific Islander populations are overrepresented among low-income groups in New Zealand, these communities only receive subsidies for treatment of dental problems, not prevention.