How Much Does Dental Care Cost at Polyclinics?

Find out how much dental care costs at polyclinics in Singapore and what treatments are covered by Medisave.

How Much Does Dental Care Cost at Polyclinics?

At the end of my dental treatment plan, I was surprised to find out that dental fillings do not entitle you to a medical certificate (MC). I had to explain to my bosses why I was taking a day off for a dental appointment. So, if you're planning to visit the dentist, remember that extractions will give you an MC, but fillings, scraping, and polishing will not. I recently returned for my scraping and polishing treatment and got a second opinion on the removal of my wisdom teeth.

It turns out that I didn't need to extract them yet, but because they are difficult to clean, they are more prone to decay. So while it's possible to wait until they deteriorate before removing them, I'll need to make regular trips to the dentist for check-ups. I understand that due to the limited resources in the polyclinic system and the high demand for dental services, the appointment system works best to ensure that everyone can eventually get the care they need. The waiting period for appointments is usually 3-6 months, which is an acceptable international standard.

It's also important to note that dental treatments are not covered by Medisave, so you'll have to pay for them out of pocket. If you don't mind waiting and don't mind seeing younger dentists who are still serving their 4-year MOH bond, polyclinic dental clinics are a great option for affordable dental care. The waiting period for appointments is longer than usual due to space constraints and the time it takes for each dental treatment. SingHealth polyclinics offer dental services at SHP-Bedok, SHP-Eunos, SHP-Punggol and SHP-Tampines.

Dental polyclinics operate by appointment only, so you can't just walk in and take a queue number to see a dentist. This appointment system helps reduce patient waiting time at the clinic.